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Bio-enhanced for higher absorbtion, Magical CBD Softgels deliver hemp to your body as you go throughout your day. Each 300mg bottle contains thirty 10mg soft gels for a 15 day supply of high-quality CBD. Each 600mg bottle contains sixty 10mg soft gels for a 30 day supply of high-quality CBD.

    Magical CBD Bio-Enhanced Soft Gels

    $69.99 Regular Price
    $55.99Sale Price
    • Category: Broad Spectrum

      Concentration: 300mg & 600mg


      300mg: 30 capsules (10mg/capsule)

      600mg: 60 capsules (10mg/capsule)

      • Fully water-soluble
      • Uniquely stable: Does NOT degrade in the stomach
      • Unparalleled and rapid bioavailability
      • Sourced from agricultural hemp
      • Gluten, herbicide, and pesticide-free
      • Non-GMO

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